WARNING: Do not participate in DARK72 if you absolutely love your life as it is. This work is intense and meant for those in a rut or sick and tired of being at the same “level” in life. DARK72 is not for the faint of heart.

Reset your

in just 72 hours.


water fast.
dopamine fast.
intensive workshop.


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Stop anxiety/depression

get out of a funk

end frustration


Ax addictions (physical and emotional)

Crush limiting beliefs and reshape your psyche

Reset biochemistry and take back your inner power

Do you ever feel like:

No matter what you try to do, you end up back in the same low emotional/mental place as before?

No matter what you do to try and get motivated (workouts, podcasts, meditations), the motivation never lasts past a few hours?

You keep getting sabotaged by self doubt, a lack of confidence, and you keep hitting the same “ceiling” in life.

But it's
not your fault...

It's easy today to feel good fast, without really doing much...

It's easy today to feel good fast, without really doing much... Social media, recreational drugs, video games, entertainment at our fingertips… all of these platforms want your attention as much as possible, because it’s profitable and are intelligently designed to elicit dopamine in your brain (think about how you feel when you get a notification on your phone, for example).

We've gotten good at feeling good without building any real strength/ resilience.

If the body gets pleasure easily… why be “motivated” when there’s so much dopamine so readily accessible?! It’s a result of good marketing and design, but it creates insecurities, addictions, and a lack of ambition for frequent users.

Not to mention, your body releases dopamine when you get external validation or even feel “right”. Even if that means proving your insecurities and limiting beliefs right, your body gets rewarded with a flood of dopamine, strengthening the belief that is sabotaging your life! 


breaks the patterns of life so you can be conscious of the things that give you a quick dopamine hit vs the things that give you a long-lasting steady dopamine hit (confidence etc).

You give yourself an opportunity to turn off the world and look inward to create your life. The process of DARK72 specifically prevents you from masking your pain, so you can address what you’ve been neglecting, to unleash your inner power.

Take control of your life in 72 hours!


Dive inward.

Face your

Set yourself free.





Essentially, looking at what you’ve been avoiding/neglecting or what you don’t like about yourself.

Bringing the darkness to the light and exploring your “shadow”, “skeletons in your closet”, or “inner demons”; is an initiation into maturity that can lead to greater:

Creative Expression

Trust in Intuition

Problem-Solving Skills


Love and Compassion


Physical Vitality

Personal awakening

By NOT doing shadow work, you’ll…

Have increased anger / frustration towards yourself and others

Keep blaming others/life, living life as a victim

Carry heavier and heavier amounts of Shame

Become lazier and lazier, letting the one life you have pass you by

Louder and louder Insecurities

Codependency and increased anxiety

Continually pushing people away and trust issues

Die an unfulfilled life full of regrets, never having your dreams become a reality

If you continue to bury your shadows, you may feel fractured and compartmentalised. You may never actually move past them to see what else life has to offer, unless you dive in.

In DARK 72, through shadow work, you’ll break free from the “matrix” of society and your ego, align with your higher true self, then dive back into the “3d” to create your life as the divine powerhouse you are.

Basically, we are gonna transcend the ego and reclaim your divine sacred power.



On top of shadow work, in DARK72 you will reset your biochemistry. Which is a fancy term for ending any emotional addictions or behavior/substance addictions that are getting in the way of you living a full life!

Benefits of Dopamine Fasting:

Whether the addiction is to substances, behavior, or even certain emotions (like stress/anxiety), the underlying biochemical addiction is dopamine. Dopamine is the bodies “feel good” chemical reward system for certain behaviors, but if overstimulated or easily obtained, like we are in modern society, motivation drops and addiction starts.

Addictive substances, behaviors, and emotions repeatedly bombard the reward pathway with huge surges of dopamine, and over time, the brain morphs in response. This translates to destructive addictions like social media, gaming, drugs, porn/masterbation, drinking, or even the mindset/emotions of being “right”.

After a fast, fasters report feeling more focused and finding more joy in the activities they'd avoided, and overcome unhealthy impulses. Fasting "resets" the brain's reward system of  dopamine, allowing for a different neuro association and a new pathway to be “rewarded” by, resulting in freedom of addictions and better mental cognition.

Benefits of Water Fasting:

4-8 hrs
Blood sugar drops • Insulin levels drop

12 hrs
Food has been burned • Healing process begins • HGH increases • Glucagon is released • Digestive system begins resting

14 hrs
HGH Keeps increasing • Fat burning begins

16 hrs
Fat burning increases

18 hrs
HGH increases

18-20 hrs
Autophagy begins • Ketones are released

36 hrs
Autophagy increases by 300%

48 hrs
Cellular regeneration starts • Inflammation goes down

72 hrs
Autophagy peaks

Research shows that water fasting lowers the risk of many chronic diseases (like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease), promotes autophagy (a process in which old parts of your cells are broken down and recycled), lowers blood pressure, and improves insulin and leptin effectiveness (they are important hormones that affect the body's metabolism. Insulin helps the body store nutrients from the bloodstream, while leptin helps the body feel full). 

Not to mention that water fasting aids in cellular regeneration, inflammation reduction, and increased metabolism. 

Basically, your cells and bodily functions benefit greatly in a fasted state, optimizing nutrient absorption and regulating cellular coherence. 


If you want to reset your life, it takes more than just changing your mindset - It takes breaking any chemical addictions in your biochemistry.

By resetting the intelligent system of the body through fasting, AND rewiring one's mindset, change can be prompt and permanent.

Together with the right guidance and intention, water fasting and dopamine fasting create an opening for you to do spiritual surgery on your psyche and fully reset your biochemistry, energy, mindset, and life!


But I didn't just create DARK72 for fun…

I went through this MYSELF because I was ready for a change:


facebook post post dark72

Now it's your turn…




of others

Yes you’re the only one that can change your life, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Through DARK72 you’ll have the guidance, accountability, community, and tools you need to change your life forever. You get out of this course what you put in, all you need to be is willing and ready to change your life. I’ll guide you through the rest.


1,800+ People and counting

"Those 3 days were more valuable and thousands of dollars that I've spend on courses" 

"72 Hours with you did more for me than any therapy, shadow work, or spiritual healing programs I've worked with before" 

"I never thought this much could change in just 72 hours. This course is truly an unbelievable experience"

of others

Yes you’re the only one that can change your life, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Through DARK72 you’ll have the guidance, accountability, community, and tools you need to change your life forever. You get out of this course what you put in, all you need to be is willing and ready to change your life. I’ll guide you through the rest.


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Kevin is Donating $1 to End Child Sex Trafficing in your name, just for signing up!


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung