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A community for those looking to grow in the relationship with self and others.


As you know, we live in very interesting times. 

People are limiting social interaction,

And there is a lot of stress, worry, and uncertainty about things.

This can be seen as a setback, or an opportunity,

But it's up to you to make that choice. 


Interestingly enough, the past few months I've been creating the foundation for a community for those looking to grow the relationship with themselves and others. 


A place for people to feel safe and supported

A place to eliminate stress, worry, and depression.  

A place to create inner peace and confidence in a time of uncertainty

A place for us to rebuild faith and self love


I called it The Heart Gang

And it seems like with each passing hour as things get “worse”, the need for connection, community, and guidance is growing. 

No one really knows what’s going on. No one knows what to do. But one thing I know for sure is that our need to show the fuck up for ourselves emotionally has exponentially increased. 

Eliminating anxiety and worry. 

Stopping the voice of your inner critic.

Faith and trust in oneself.

These are VITAL to our sense of security and confidence in these times.

Because when we are centered, we make better choices. 

For our health, career, and family. 

Confidence brings resourcefulness. 

And that is the quality of foundation for financial security in these times.

Because a decision made from fear is always the wrong decision.

And in the midst of all of this, there's SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY! 


Confusion is the opportunity for clarity.

Worry is the opportunity for faith.

And pain is the opportunity for purpose.


Community is the most potent modality for healing. But surrounding yourself with THE RIGHT people, or not, will literally make or break your life. 

So instead of waiting a few months to start (like I was planning to),

I'm deciding to open this up NOW so you can get the support you need, and use this time to take your power back in the midst of so much uncertainty.

When creating this, I condensed everything I've learned in my life about self love, relationships, healing, and emotional intelligence into a course that is unlike any other I’ve seen. Community is the biggest healer of them all, and it's a HUGE part of this “course”.

This isn’t just a community, it’s a vortex for transformation! 

With all of that said, here's the details: 

By joining The Heart Gang, you will finally stop:

  • Worry 
  • Stress 
  • Beating yourself up 
  • Addictions
  • Letting others mistreat you 
  • Overthinking 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem 
  • Codependency

And here’s what you have to gain:

  • Grow in self respect 
  • Find clarity
  • Learn emotional intelligence 
  • Cultivate inner peace
  • Surround yourself with people who support and draw the best out of you
  • Heart-centered living
  • Effective communication 
  • Boundaries 
  • Self confidence
  • Show up as your most authentic self
  • Heal past trauma 

All of this is done through online video modules that give you heightened perspectives and practical guidance

Each month is a new topic.

Each week you get a new “quest” for growth, Q+A call with Kevin and the group, and daily notes of love and wisdom to keep you supported.

Surrounding yourself with people who call out the best in you, who love you with compassion, and who are just like you… this community can literally change your life forever. 

When we control our emotions, we consciously decide the meaning we give things. And what we make things mean dictates our decisions. And our decisions shape our destiny. So if you want a new life, master your emotions. 

And thats what The Heart Gang is all about.

What you get: 

  • Deep connection through the online community 
  • In person meetups once a month in cities all over(once this virus passes)
  • Group chats for other members of The Heart Gang that are in your local area.
  • Monthly mission (different theme/topic of the month)
  • Weekly quests (for you overachievers to dive deeper)
  • Daily disciplines (for creating new healthy habits)
  • 4 monthly live Q+A calls with Kevin for support
  • VIP guest expert interview each month
  • BONUSES : book list, daily love notes, guided meditations, journal prompts, swag, exclusive text list and emails, discounts on other courses and live events, and much much more.


    It’s time to show the fuck up for YOU.

    You’re the only one that can heal you. But you don’t have to do it alone. 

    Join the Heart Gang for the support and guidance you need to transform anxiety, stress, and worry into love, faith, and connection! 

    The intention is to commit to yourself for a year, but you can cancel anytime. Also because of the current state of the world, and how much I feel people need this community and support right now, I decided to make this available for more people. Just $50/mo.

    “But Kev! Why not just make it free if you want more people in it?!”  good question.

    1- it weeds out the freebie seekers, making sure the people that make up this community are committed to showing up for themselves

    2- we, as humans, don't value free. When money is exchanged, you put skin in the game and take it seriously.

The price is normally $150/mo or $1,500/year (always saving more if commiting to a year). 

But, from now till April 6th, i'm offering the heart gang at a massive discount: 

Join today for either:

$50 monthly ($100 savings monthly)
$500 for a year ($1300 savings overall)

Also, if you REALLY want to join in and absolutely can’t afford the membership cost, fill out an application below to be considered for a scholarship:

Scholarship Application

And for those of you who ARE in a good space financially and want to contribute to this mission, the team running it all, and sponsoring someone in the community; I’d encourage you to pay in full so you save, and can support during this time.

At the end of the day,

If you want to grow your relationship with yourself and others,

And you want to surround yourself with people that pull the best out of you

Then now

More than ever

is the time to JOIN THE HEART GANG!


Remember, we are stronger together!


If you got questions, DM me :)

With Love,

Kevin Crenshaw


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"To say that this is the coolest thing I’ve ever been part of would not be a lie, because not only is this a group of the most beautiful, like-hearted people brought together by the most amazingly genuine & real & caring soul, but it’s also the cornerstone of what our planet should look and feel like."

-Nastasia B.

"Being a part of The Heart Gang has been a life changing experience, full of human connection, self-discovery, growth, and love."

-Linette M.

"It's been so amazing being a part of this! Content wise, Kevin over-delivers time and time and time again. I've made life changing distinctions about how I show up in life from what he shares. The community aspect of The Heart Gang has blown me away at how much of an inclusive, heart centered group this is."
- Eddie B.