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The Portal

Heal trauma and optimize fulfillment through the 11 systems of the body.

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What's included:

Monthly Immersion Live ZOOM Events


Each month, we focus on a new system of the body and have a live day-long virtual event with guest experts, specialized in each topic give in-depth lessons, guide you through an experiential process to heal, and support with live Q+A.

We also tie it in with emotional intelligence, psychology, and relational applications so you can have more self-love and build healthier relationships while you live with more fulfillment and authentic self-expression.

Recordings and past event library


Pressed on time?
If you can’t make the event day, or you want to simply look back at past events/ topics, all events are fully recorded AND chopped up into bite-sized video content, and uploaded to your course, so you can watch and participate anywhere, anytime.

The longer you’re in,
the more you get!

Savage Community


Also we have a dope community (which is a huge part of healing and growth) where you can feel supported, get answers to any questions, and connect with like-hearted peeps on the same growth journey as you.

You’ll have support from Kevin and others on the coaching team in there as well!

All housed on our free community app!

Accountability, tracking, and support


We got:

  • Weekly zoom coaching sessions
  • Weekly virtual fitness experiences (think fitness meets emotional processing)
  • Monthly book club
  • Accountability group chats
  • Virtual sound bath healings
  • Virtual guided meditations
  • Monthly somatic-specific challenges to keep you on track with your growth

All housed on our free community app!

Exclusive Bonuses


Discounts on other courses, store purchases, and any offerings from the monthly experts!



  • Sometimes you don’t need to balance your chakras, you need to balance your hormones.


  • Toxic relational cycles are literally chemical addictions in your body. Treat it as such and the cycle stops. Overthinking, obsessing, and inability to let go are all trauma responses in the body, looking for the next “hit”. Heal the body, break the cycle.


  • 90% of the feel good hormones (dopamine, serotonin, etc..) are produced in your gut not your brain. And most anxiety/ depression is cured through optimizing the digestive system, not the mindset.


  • Focusing on the systems of the body is the missing link to integration that many people overlook when it comes to the inner work/healing that creates lots of setbacks, lack of progress, and frustration.

Let’s Keep It Simple:

Once you join you’ll get...

Instant access to all past months recordings.

Connect with the community and your accountability group via our community app.


Connect with your Coach who will support you in getting clear on your goals and identifying what might be holding you back.


Set up your tracking system to assist your process and plug into your accountability group.


Mark your calendar for the next live event so you can participate for the full day experience!


Your Host:

Kevin Crenshaw

After surviving a few near-death experiences and overcoming addiction, codependency, and anxiety; Kevin has dedicated his life to sharing how he did it and the wisdom he learned in the process. 

On a mission to end trauma and assist human evolution,

Kevin utilizes coaching, art, visionary leadership, and non-profit work to fuel his vision of positively impacting the trajectory of the human race.

His bold “tough love” strategy, combined with trauma-informed unique practical guidance, has helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world break toxic cycles, heal emotional and relational traumas, and live with more self love, healthier relationships, and inner fulfillment.

Experiences are what traumatize us,
and experiences are also what heal us.

My promise to you is that by joining the portal, and applying yourself, you will be presented with a new experience of life.

This community is the most supportive, kind, and REAL group of people I’ve ever come across - and true healing happens in the community.

If you’re someone who values honesty, integrity, and empathy… this is where you BELONG!

And once you experience the full day immersion event, you will not only have more info about what exactly is holding you back, but you’ll have an EXPERIENCE.


More knowledge and willpower won't free you...

Or it would have already.
Healing and optimizing your body, will.

Pairing: community, with body-centric processes, and trauma-informed coaching… there’s no way you CAN’T change your life in The Portal.



Easy Access

For those pressed on time or want to go at your own pace.

  • Monthly virtual full-day event
  • Library of recordings of all past events/topics
  • Access to The Portal Community App
  • Access to The Portal Book Club
  • Access to Kevin's weekly virtual fitness experiences (no equipment needed)

*Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Dive All-In

For those seeking a more robust experience.

  • Monthly virtual full-day event
  • Library of recordings of all past events/topics
  • Access to The Portal Community App
  • Access to The Portal Book Club
  • Access to Kevin's weekly virtual fitness experiences (no equipment needed)

  • Weekly group coaching ZOOM calls with Team Heart Gang Coaches
  • Exclusive community chat for accountability and support (GOLD ONLY)
  • Pop up healings (sound bath, meditations, ecstatic dance, etc...)
  • BONUS: Q+A ZOOM with Kevin + Expert of the month (GOLD ONLY)

*Cancel anytime, no questions asked.