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Results so life-changing, people got tatted!

heart tattoo

I mean... come on now!

heart/hurt tattoo

We always have a choice, will you choose heart over your hurt?

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As a reminder to stay in the flow

crown tattoo

To be reminded of his royalty

dog named Kevin

Meet this cutie who was named after Kevin! His owner had her life changed from working with Kevin and wanted to remember that experience for the rest of her life.

“I’ve never done shit like this… All the years of Tony Robbins work I've done, all the meditations, all the crazy shit,  I’ve done it all… but NOTHING is like what Kevin does” - Jillian W.

“I can honestly say that I’ve never in my whole life felt so authentically myself!!” - Janna S.

"Working with Kevin was similar to my ayahuasca experience but more potent and integrated. ” - Athena A.

So, what is it you actually do Kev?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - this Rumi quote sums it up perfectly.

Through using the mirror of your love life and emotional center, we dive in and do the inner work to have more self love, inner peace, and authentic expression.

Having a trauma informed lense on transformation, many of the courses/experiences I offer go beyond just psychological shifts, and incorporate an integrated “new experience” that's needed to change your experience of life, while providing a safe and supportive environment for healing to occur.

And I'm not afraid to call you on your shit if it's needed ;) Whatever serves you best with where you’re at in the moment, we go there.

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This all leads to my clients having transformations like:

Leaving toxic relationships

Healing codependency

No more anxiety

Cutting addictions

More self esteem/ confidence

Manifesting their dream partner

Making more money

Living their purpose

Saving relationships

Living the lifestyle theyโ€™ve always dreamed of
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"Kevin's commitment to living and sharing his ideals of love and truth is wildly inspiring. He's so authentic, so devoted, and so wise in all matters related to the heart that you can intuitively trust his intentions and abilities" - Jason S.

"Kevin gives you the tools to create the reality that you want to live. I speak so much kinder to myself, I’m more patient and have learned to give my ego love when it’s trying to protect me instead of pushing those feelings away- Taylor L.

"Kevin helped me honor myself. I knew I needed to work on boundaries but that stemmed from a deeper place which became so clear with this program. When you see the root cause you are able to work on it. Life before was open but not fearlessly loving. I have the power to love fearlessly! ” - Jullyana

"It's been so amazing being a part of The Heart Gang! Content wise, Kevin over-delivers time and time and time again. I've made life changing distinctions about how I show up in life from what he shares. The community aspect of The Heart Gang has blown me away at how much of an inclusive, heart centered group this is!" - Eddie B.

“After working with Kevin, I am so happy and for the first time in my life I love myself!! If you are looking for love, and struggling, Kevin’s your guy!!!” - Jan M.

“Kevin has changed my life. I sought out Kevin’s assistance to help me overcome a recent heartbreak. That was week one. More than helping my heal my heart, Kevin has helped me heal my soul. I’ve struggled with anxiety most of my life. I had learned all the coping strategies, and have been handling it fine.  I never knew one could “heal” and “cure” anxiety, but working with Kevin has proven that’s possible. My entire life shifted. Kevin taught me how to harness  pure and consistent happiness in my life.” - Alaina M.


Kevin changed my life, what years of healing would have taken, took me four months to fully heal!

I healed ALL my past wounds, ALL the pain associated to the heartless ways I allowed myself to be treated. I learned to turn off my negative self talk once and for all, to forgive myself fully and to build this amazing sense of awareness, without fear, without a sense of feeling unworthy.

I am now equipped with a tool kit full of self awareness, knowledge, strength, confidence, courage, community, heart and most importantly love, self love. ” - Samantha P.

"Heart Gang - WOW. The community I’ve always wanted, with all the learning tools for expansion and growth that I could ever need!

To say that this is the coolest thing I’ve ever been part of would not be a lie, because not only is this a group of the most beautiful, like-hearted people brought together by the most amazingly genuine & real & caring soul, but it’s also the cornerstone of what our planet should look and feel like." - Nastasia B.

"Being a part of The Heart Gang has been a life-changing experience, full of human connection, self-discovery, growth, and love." - Linette M.

“Working with Kevin simply worked. It absolutely worked. I now can lead my life from a place of confidence and awareness, from my heart rather than fear. I have now finally fallen in love with me. I'm at peace with me. “ - Beth T.

“P3 helped me clearly see what it is I need to do to become successful, specifically in the online space. Before, starting a business felt overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. Now I no longer compare myself to others, and feel fully confident in my business.” - Lauren D.

“After P3, I don't care what others think of me, especially my family. I can now tune into my business and creativity freely.” - Hannah M.

"I felt like a mess before True Love Accelerator, feeling like everything was my fault and I couldn't do anything right. Through this program I was able to see my own worth and that not everything was my fault. I don't beat myself up as much and I'm just a lot happier about life." - Kaitlyn G. 

"I’ve been working with Kevin for over 2 months and I almost don’t recognize myself! (In an amazing way, of course) I can genuinely say I’m more in love than ever — and I’m still single. Doing the work has changed my heart, deepened my connection to my spirit, and upleveled my quality of life in ways I only dreamed about a year ago. This changed my life." - Rebeka D. 

"Breakup Recovery is a perfectly set up course that covers everything: facing the sometimes hard but ultimately liberating truth, feeling the pain, forgiving and letting go, and, ultimately, moving forward by healing and getting clear on what you truly desire in love. I can honestly say that I view everything from a place of love and appreciation now, without rose colored glasses that is (discernment!). It’s brought me back to myself to a more peaceful place. Thank you, Kevin, I’m so very grateful!" - Katja E.

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6 months after working with me: 

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